Information in english

A Swedish artist and music producer who always puts his personal touch on the songs he records.

This is one of few pages or posts in english on this site. All other information and almost all blog posts is in swedish, you can use the Google Translate function in the right menu to translate to your language.

Johan Bakke records in both Swedish and English and has even recorded one song in Norwegian! The songs are digitally published onSpotify, iTunes, Google Play and several other music services.

Besides that:

  • Johan is the singer & Guitarist in Platina, a duo with 50 – 100 gigs every year
  • He has over 75 000 streams on Spotify
  • And over 30 000 streams on YouTube
  • Earlier, Johan worked 25 years as a DJ, sound engineer, publisher and board member at a Swedish radio station. He quit to work with his music career in august 2015.